Clients can request to block the service or cancel the service at least 14 days prior to start of the next term/session of the ongoing services. If you have already paid for the next term/session in advance, we will refund your money in such a case. Once the project is approved from client’s end, we are not liable to make any modification to the project. After approval, the project can neither be rejected nor cancelled. Any modification after approval of the project will be chargeable. If the client rejects the project within 14 days review period, we will make necessary modifications to the project. However, if Centronix Innovation considers there is no valid reason for rejection, we will not make any modification and we will not be liable for refund in such a case. Clients must pay within the due date and time. In case Client is failing to do so, Centronix Innovation reserves the right to block client’s ongoing project work or terminate it without refunding any money paid earlier by the client. If a client has already paid for next term/session and we have not received any request to block or cancel the services, we will continue working for the Client’s assignment for the next session; considering Client is agree to receive our services. If we do not receive payment for next term/session within 14 days, we will block the services offered to Client from our side. In any case, if any client violates the Centronix Innovation’s Terms and Conditions or Policies, we can block the services offered to client without refunding any money paid by client in advance. Clients can take help of Centronix Innovation online chat, phone communication or e-mail communication to resolve any issue with Centronix Innovation services.

Please go through Centronix Innovation’s Refund/Cancellation policy from beginning to end. Having any query, please get in touch with us. You can call, write an e-mail, or chat with our online representative.