We are quick & efficient in php, html, javascript, css, other coding, graphic design, and website consepts. Located in Australia, we work efficiently with people in any state or part of the world. We don’t stop until your site is the way you want it (conditions apply) or we can refund your money (conditions apply).

Who we are

Centronix Innovation & Co. was created with a belief that the education sector needs a service provider who really understands the unique needs and constraints of the institutions in this sector and partners with its stakeholders to use IT to their advantage. Centronix Innovation & Co. has been built with the collective experience of its founders who have worked for many years in developing and implementing IT solutions in India and abroad.


Why choose us

Apart from our impressive customer service and the ability to deliver outstanding results in all our projects, we have had over 1 year running the business (opening in 2018) and have been fantastic in the industry. Not many businesses manage the entire online and graphic design portions of a business and do it well!


Modern & Creative

We take pride in our creativity, it reflects in everything we do. We have learned to evolve by actively contributing to the evolution of the practices and the processes deployed. We strive further to develop new innovation, modern web solutions, and compelling value addition offers that address all customer needs.

Highlights of Our Services

  • Customized software development, web development, and data processing services to businesses and education institutions
  • Customized and Comprehensive IT solutions for every administrative and academic process of the institution
  • Logical and simple planning of our solutions
  • Use of high-technology in the internet, mobile and software domains that our company is aligned with the evolutionary trajectories of these technologies
  • Focus on continually enhancing the usability experience given that the simplicity of technology is a must.
  • Affordable and flexible financial model to suit our customers.

Let's Get Started

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