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Our team on the ground consists of coders, designers and marketers, so you get fast loading websites and custom technical solutions combined with a proven marketing and communiction growth strategy, all from the same team. Why not come and meet the team for yourself?.

Custom web design & development

We create result driven, high-performance websites for business.

Whether designing a brochure style site, an eCommerce solution for b2c or a more complex b2b web-based app you can be assured the team at Grafferzz can handle it, it's what we are good at and passionate about doing.

When taking on a project we look at the whole picture. We want to learn about your internal processes and how we can improve your workflow, how can your website become a real business tool for you and help enhance and make your business better.

How we do it:
Analysing the Entire Picture

We’ve used our years of experience, accrued over countless projects, to evolve our methods into a finely-tuned artform. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we adapt our double diamond processes to fit your needs. Our tried-and-tested strategy and discovery workshops are designed to find the right solutions to the right problems.


Once we know exactly where we’re going and how to get there, the design phase begins. We create a solution based on the definitions we collectively created with you. The end-user takes the spotlight in these projects and campaigns, keeping them at the forefront of our strategy, to drive greater adoption upon delivery.

We keep our focus on the greater scope of your project, rather than getting lost in specifics of the product. That’s because instead of simply designing a product or a service, we design the solution specific to you.


When we develop, we harness our expertise and start building, bringing your creation to life. Our teams of engineers get to work on implementing your project, either at our headquarters or on location at our clients’ sites. We develop solutions based on research, insights and in-depth understanding - all with the aim of addressing the needs of your business and effectively reaching your goals.

The power of Centronix Innovation & Co. really comes apparent when you want to take control of your different content types by using columns, panels, grids and content filters and by adding sliders, carousels, faq's, testimonials, tabs, galleries, accordions and without any coding knowledge required.


After extensive testing, we deliver your product and make sure every detail is in good working order. Each development phase is subject to rigorous testing with each iteration. Absolutely no measure is spared in making sure your product encounters strong adoption rates upon release. Our thorough testing ensures your customers get only the best in user-experiences, without cutting any corners.

The term ‘delivery’ normally implies a one-time occurrence. Here at Centronix Innovation & Co., we keep on delivering! Even after your project is rolled out, we stay in touch to ensure your product functions like a well-oiled machine. To make sure your business overcomes barriers and hits its digital targets, we constantly redeliver.

Are You Ready to Reach Your Digital Goals?

At Centronix Innovation & Co., our team of in-house developers, designers, and creatives, all work closely together to provide game-changing solutions.